Lifetime’s Adoption Webinars are a helpful resource for
anyone interested in open adoption. Each webinar features
expert answers or insights from people recently touched by adoption.
Learn more about the important details future adoptive
parents should know along a path to adoption.

Discover topics including:

  • Open Adoption
  • Adoption Stories
  • Adoption Home Studies
  • Adoption Funding
  • Birth Mothers’ Perspectives
  • Answers to the Most-Asked Adoption Questions

and more!

Lifetime’s FREE Adoption Webinars provide the keys
necessary for building a family through adoption and better equip
adoptive parents to meet the child they long to adopt.


What will I learn from Lifetime’s Adoption Webinars?

young adoptive couple looking laptop at cafeAre you thinking of adopting a child? Choosing to grow your family through adoption can be an exciting, yet overwhelming time. Every adoption starts with questions and research. Lifetime’s Adoption Webinars offer future adoptive parents the tips and direction about the steps involved to adopt successfully.

Every month we offer new live events and relevant webinar replays to help hopeful parents better understand the adoption process, prepare to adopt safely and smoothly, and find encouragement along the way.

It’s easy (and fun!) to attend Lifetime’s webinars live and you can listen-in by phone or participate online using a computer or your mobile device. Learn more about attending webinars here. To watch one of our many replays just click here.

Each webinar is hosted by Lifetime’s experts who are familiar with the requirements, questions and challenges adoptive parents face, and we always make time to take questions from our live audience. This means you’ll learn from Lifetime’s professional experience, from people with their own personal adoption stories, and from the questions and comments of other hopeful adoptive parents in the audience!

What do adoptive parents say about Lifetime’s webinars?


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“I have been browsing the webinars recently trying to maximize our waiting time and read and prepare as much as possible for adopting. Thanks for putting these webinars on! I so appreciate the transparency of Lifetime.” Betsy, future adoptive mom

“I just wanted to let you both know how awesome we thought the webinar was tonight. It was so interesting and helped answer a lot of questions we had about how to have a relationship with birth parents. It felt so open and honest, and was very refreshing! Thank you thank you for hosting this!!” Emily and Michael, hopeful adoptive parents

“Thank you all for your webinars! I don’t really get the chance to participate live but always love to listen to them on your site. The webinars, especially those that involve parents who have experience with successful adoptions, have been instrumental in building my confidence in talking with a birth mother, how to handle the process, and preparing for the hospital. I was quite nervous about these aspects of open adoption at the beginning but hearing other adoptive parents’ stories has been so helpful and encouraging.” Stacey, adoptive mom-in-waiting

“I love how much information is covered in an hour, so informative!” Jesse and Alicia, adoptive parents-to-be

View more webinar feedback here. Find out for yourself how Lifetime’s Adoption Webinars will help you reach your adoption dream!

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