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Here are some questions we get regularly asked about how to register, attend, and participate in our adoption webinars.

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What is a webinar?
A webinar is a seminar hosted online, a meeting or class you can attend from your computer, telephone, or mobile device. Each upcoming webinar has a separate link to allow you to sign up for that event. Once you sign up you’ll receive a confirmation email with the details to attend the event live when it broadcasts. No special equipment is required! You just click or dial to be part of a webinar.

There are three ways to attend a webinar:
Phone: Listen in from anywhere you have phone access. When you attend by phone alone you will only be able to listen. This works well for people who want to attend webinars during their commute, running errands, or where Internet or data access are limited. After you register, your confirmation email will have a phone number and unique code for you to dial in by phone at the time the webinar is scheduled to start.

Computer: When you attend a webinar using a computer you’ll be able to type questions with the webinar speakers and see any visuals or demonstrations they present along with the audio. *If your computer does not have speakers, you may attend our webinars online for the interactive and visual aspect AND by phone to hear the audio. Your confirmation email will have the link you need to click when it’s time for the webinar to begin. The GoToWebinar program will launch and set you up; you may need to approve your computer to allow this program to load.

NOTE: Due to Internet connections, some attendees may have a better experience using the combination of computer for visuals and phone for the audio.

GoToWebinar’s free app: To attend a webinar from a mobile device you can install the GoToWebinar app. You’ll still need to register for the webinar you plan to attend and use the link you receive in the confirmation email to launch the webinar into the app. You may also open the app and type the webinar ID number, also found in your confirmation email.

How long are your webinars?
Lifetime’s webinars are typically about an hour long. If you need to show up late or leave early, that’s fine. Remember, you can always listen to what you missed on this website, in the recordings section.
How much do Lifetime’s webinars cost to attend?
Lifetime’s webinars are free to attend!
How can I attend a webinar?
The first step is to sign up using the link in the email or online listing for the webinar event you want to attend. Once you sign up online you’ll get a confirmation email with the details you’ll need to use to join our webinar when it is scheduled. You can listen to webinars by phone, or watch webinars online or using the GoToWebinar app.

When you sign up you’ll get a confirmation email with the phone number and code to listen by phone, and a link to click if you want to watch the webinar online or from the free app. If you need help registering, you can call or text us at 1-800-923-6784 for assistance.

Does attending Lifetime’s webinars qualify us for home study education credit?
We suggest that you double check with your home study provider and find out from them what is needed to get credit.
I signed up to attend a webinar, but I never got a confirmation email. Can you please help me?
First, double check your spam or junk folder for your confirmation email. Look for an email from GoToWebinar or Citrix. If you cannot find the confirmation email it’s perfectly alright to sign up again, just in case you mistyped your email address or if there was a glitch.

As a courtesy, GoToWebinar will send you a reminder email as the webinar approaches, in case you misplace your confirmation email.

How do I find out about upcoming webinars?
The best way to learn about upcoming webinars is to subscribe to this site! Subscribers will get emails about new live webinars, so check email regularly for events you’ll want to attend. We send out a few emails leading up to webinar dates, so that you have a chance to sign up and set a reminder to attend. You’ll also find upcoming webinar events listed on this site, as well as on Lifetime’s blog and Facebook pages.
*Adoptive parents in Lifetime’s program will also receive separate emails about webinars relevant to families-in-waiting, including private webinar events not available here.
How do I ask a question during webinars? Can the speakers hear me?
Webinar speakers can see that you’re in attendance, but you’ll be automatically muted in the audience. If you want to ask a question or share a comment, you will type into the “Questions” box in the webinar panel on your screen. Speakers will respond by answering questions on air, aloud, or by typing back to you during the webinar, when possible.
Do I have to interact during live webinars?
Lifetime’s webinars are usually interactive; we encourage audience members to type their questions and comments with our speakers during the broadcast. All questions and comments are moderated and we do our best to address audience participation on air or individually. You do not have to participate if you prefer to just listen and take notes. You will benefit from our webinars whether you listen quietly or are actively sharing questions or feedback.
I can’t attend live. Will this webinar be recorded?
Yes! We record every webinar and the replays are online within a week after the original live broadcast. There are benefits to attending live, when possible, so that you can be a part of a community of adoptive parents, as well as get to interact with the speakers while the webinar is live. However, it’s helpful to listen to webinars later, when you can’t attend live, and we do see that adoptive parents who attend webinars live or listen later are more prepared through the overall adoption process.

Remember, you can listen-in to webinars at home, the office, or anywhere! If you’re away from home you can listen by phone while you drive or run errands, and or multitask at work or home by logging on from a computer or mobile device and using speakers or headphones.

I have feedback or questions that came up after the webinar. Who can I email?
You can always share feedback and questions with your webinar speakers. We will also provide contact information during the webinar. If you have a coordinator at Lifetime already, you may also contact her. We are happy to answer questions and to hear how webinars are helping you!

You can reach anyone at Lifetime by calling or texting 1-800-923-6784 or by contacting us online.

Will other people know I’m attending your webinar?
Only the webinar organizers and hosts will know you are in the audience; your name and info will be kept confidential. If you have a question for our webinar hosts, they will address you by your first name only, or answer it generally without giving a name of the person who submitted the question.
How often do you have live webinars?
Lifetime Adoption offers live webinars monthly, and when you subscribe, you’ll have access to dozens of replays about various adoption topics, as well as to stay encouraged and ready for your future adoption.
Can you let me know about upcoming webinars?
Definitely! Simply subscribe to our mailing list, and we’ll email you about future webinars.
I can’t get my log in to work. What should I do?
Please contact us and our Support Team will get back to you promptly with assistance.
How do I unsubscribe from or emails from Lifetime about webinars?
Simply click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of your email. If you’ve already deleted the email or no longer have access to it, please contact us and we will unsubscribe you from future email communications.
Do webinars really help adoptive parents?
Lifetime’s webinars allow you tune in and hear the latest tips and information helpful and necessary for anyone hoping to adopt. Webinars are one way to stay informed and to continue learning as much as possible while you prepare to adopt. Plus, Lifetime’s webinars give you more insight into the way we’ve successfully assisted thousands of families through adoption over the years. If you want to learn more about adopting as smoothly as possible and hope to learn more about Lifetime Adoption, join our webinars!

We have observed that adoptive parents who stay informed about all aspects of adopting are better prepared once their opportunity to adopt comes along and seem to have a smoother experience through the process overall, including the waiting.


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