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Were you unable to make it to one of our adoption webinars due to a scheduling conflict? You can catch the recordings of our past webinars on our website!

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alan rebekahAdoption Stories

Hopeful adoptive parents will be encouraged and motivated hearing stories from successful adoptive couples, about their journey through adoption.

questions and answers iconQuestion & Answer Webinars

Questions are the best stepping stones for anyone thinking about adoption. If you’re hoping to adopt, it’s important to learn about all aspects of the process.

In our question & answer webinars, we field questions from potential adoptive families.

Baby Scott_Bell_110218_008-EditOpen Adoption

Hearing from adoptive parents can help you get a look at what open adoption can be like for real families, just like yours.

Discover the blessings open adoption offers when you remain open to the possibilities of a unique relationship with your child’s birth parents.

birth mothers iconBirth Mothers

Find out what open adoption is like through a birth mother’s point-of-view. You’ll appreciate the insights, advice, and encouragement she has for anyone thinking about adoption.

adoption webinars- more about adoptionMore About Adoption

Adoption webinars in this category cover a wide variety of topics, including the adoption home study, adoption financing, how to prepare for adoption, and more!

Life as a New Adoptive Parent, featuring Valerie Trumbower from New Parents Academy

When it comes to adoption, it’s common to be focused on the paperwork, the process, and the steps to reaching your adoption goal. Yet every adoption goal comes with a dream of life AFTER adoption! While it’s necessary to prepare for the details required to adopt...

What Not To Do in Your Adoption

With all of the information available to adoptive parents today, it’s important to make the most of the things you CAN control in the adoption process. In this webinar we shared tips and examples adoptive parents should consider to adopt safely and as smoothly as...

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Called to Adoption

Called to Adoption

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