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newly adopted baby sleeping peacefully
“Hello Heather and Libby,
I just listened to the webinar and wanted to say how encouraging it was to hear answers to other families’ questions that are similar to ours but we have just not thought to ask yet. I also wanted to mention that I can always tell in your voices just how much you love and care about all birth moms and waiting adoptive families and that is such an encouragement to me. Glen and I lift Lifetime up in prayer frequently and just want to thank you for all you do. God bless.”
Wendy, Hopeful Adoptive Mother

“Hi Libby,
This was my first webinar and I’m really impressed with the session. I just want to say thank you for hosting these sessions as I now can attest to how valuable they are.”
Vilenda, Prospective Adoptive Mother

“We LOVE your webinars! They are not only very informative but encouraging!”
Dawn, Hopeful Adoptive Mother

“My hubby and I are so excited! We just didn’t know where to begin and your webinars have truly helped us make the decision to work with Lifetime Adoption. The Mother’s Day webinar was truly powerful! Thank you for putting together such informative presentations.”
A Potential Adoptive Mother

“Dear Heather and Mardie,
Thank you so much for the teleconference on the website for pre-approved families. It was very informative. Thank you for being so up-front about everything unlike so many other agencies. I have the faith that God will use Lifetime to guide in this adoption process.
Many Blessings to all of you at Lifetime.”
Dawn in Michigan

“Dear Heather, Mardie, and Libby,
We greatly appreciated the teleconference tonight! We were motivated and inspired not only by the information gained, but also by the high level of encouragement provided by yourselves and from Annie and Lori’s adoption stories.”
Nick and Lynn, Prospective Adoptive Parents

“That was an hour(ish) very well spent. Reflections through the past 10 years brought laughter and tears, ah-ha moments and ‘oh my God, you too’ feelings.
Warm regards,”
Kevin and Sarah

“I was on the conference call tonight and just wanted to say thank you Heather & Mardie for having it. It was very informative and I really got a lot of good information. It was also nice to hear other parents in waiting. I think it’s a great idea and an excellent way for people considering utilizing your services to gather overall adoption information as well as get a good feeling for your organization.”
Jennifer, Prospective Adoptive Mother

“I really think in terms of the transitional shift from biological pregnancy versus adoption, it’s good to have this type of interaction. I know for me personally, I don’t want to feel like I am on island by myself. Part of our human experience is that we want to share and feel like we are not alone in this. It give us hope that others have been through this and are going through this. The webinars open your eyes to questions you didn’t know you probably should be thinking about.”
Shan, Hopeful Adoptive Mother

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