Alan and Rebekahs story of waiting for the right matchAlan and Rebekah’s adoption story is a classic example of waiting for the right match and how to have a healthy perspective on open adoption. In this adoptive couple’s testimony you’ll learn tips for choosing the right adoption help, how to manage the waiting, and the truth about connection with a child’s birth mother through open adoption. Speaking uniquely from their perspectives as adoptive mom and dad, this webinar is encouraging and helpful to anyone planning to adopt a child.

As a future adoptive mom, Kim, commented:
“Great webinar! I loved all of the info…wow! Loved the advice and tips from Alan…so concrete and detailed!! And I loved how emotional and heartfelt Rebekah was!”

This webinar is a must-watch if you’re looking for tips on traveling for adoption, handling the wait and understanding your spouse’s feelings through the process, being there for a birth mother, navigating moments at the hospital when your child is born, and maintaining contact with birth family after the adoption.

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