Della tells her story

Your BEST Adoption Resource is Another Adoptive Parent

During this webinar, adoptive mom, Della, and her husband, Tony, an African American family, share a fresh perspective through the details of the journey that led them to grow their family through a Lifetime Adoption. Della talks about everything from their decision to adopt, their family’s reaction or support, how they chose to invest in their adoption, what it meant to them to have an open adoption, and the top tips YOU should know for your own adoption success. We hope you’re encouraged by Della’s story!

Feedback from others on this webinar:

“Hearing from Della was exactly what I needed. She was so honest and real. It was so refreshing (and reassuring) to hear her thoughts/feelings through the wait…it brought peace knowing that my feelings are “normal” as I identified so so much with what she shared.

Thank you so so much for making this webinar happen. It was invaluable for me.”

“Just wanted to say that last night’s webinar was the best by far! What a great looking family! Della was so articulate and she made some very good points for both the waiting families and those on the fence.”

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