Carly tells her Heart Grown adoption storyThe ways we wait for the important things in life depend greatly on how you view the season of waiting you’re moving through.
We know that every adoptive parent comes to Lifetime having already been moving through their own waiting—waiting through infertility, waiting through miscarriage, waiting for the right time or funding or confirmation that adoption is the next step, waiting to be chosen by a birth mother, and waiting to bring that baby home.
When it comes to adopting a baby, the waiting is often a focus, and sometimes a challenge, for hopeful adoptive parents.
“There’s purpose in the wait,” adoptive mom Carly shares through her personal testimony of moving through years of fertility treatments, praying to become a mother, and meeting her son through open adoption. Our special guest explains how she began to see how each step of her story was an important part of the journey, including the waiting, preparing her for what was ahead.
Through her own adoption story, Carly grew a passion for encouraging other adoptive moms-in-waiting with monthly subscription boxes holding books, baby items, and self-care treats.
This webinar will remind you that the hard questions and heart-tugging reflections you move through as a hopeful adoptive parent are a normal part of the process, that you’re not alone or the only one who truly feels the journey, and that your season of waiting serves a valuable purpose in your future family’s story.
We also discussed the benefits of open adoption, how to handle questions from family about open adoption, what to expect at the hospital when your baby is born, and even how to process feelings of grief or loss along your path to parenthood. If you need encouragement as you wait for the next step in your family’s story, this webinar is a must-watch!

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