encouraging story about one woman's adoptionEvery adoption story is an encouraging help to anyone thinking about or going through the process of adopting a child. And, every adoption story is as unique in the details as the individuals involved.

This beautiful testimony of faith through infant loss shows a trust in a call to grow a family through adoption. Lifetime adoptive mom, Vyce (it sounds like “VeeSee,” in case you wonder!), shares the story of how she and her husband were led to parenthood through a heartbreaking loss and an adoption story that could only be defined as heaven-sent.

If you’ve wondered how you’ll move from infertility or the loss of a pregnancy or child to a new miracle through adoption, this will be a validating encouragement for you. If you’re waiting to adopt, Vyce’s story is sure to inspire you to trust the call to adoption and to look forward to how perfectly aligned your story will be, just for you, at the right time, with the right child.


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