Secrets Revealed: Pressure to be the Perfect Adoptive ParentAfter adoption, adoptive parents go through all kinds of complex emotions as they adjust to life with a new child, on top of a new, unique relationship with their child’s birth mother. Many adoptive parents express a feeling of relief, while others feel a sort of let-down after adoption.
For some, especially adoptive moms, the pressure to be a perfect parent, know all the answers, or have everything under control can become overwhelming.
In this webinar, we get an inside look ‘beyond the blessing’ with author and adoptive mom Mardie Caldwell. She shares secrets from her first days as a new adoptive mom.
Mardie Caldwell, adoptive mom and Founder of Lifetime AdoptionMardie talks about post-adoption depression, honoring promises to a child’s birth mother, bonding with a new child through a wealth of emotions, and more in this sensitive and validating webinar. This is a great resource for any hopeful, new, or seasoned adoptive parent!
Here’s what one attendee to this live adoption webinar had to say: “I’m a nurse and have worked in what I thought were similar situations. The topics discussed tonight are truly unique and absolutely informative!”

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