Newborn adoption question and answer webinar covers some adoption basicsAdopting a baby in the U.S. is an involved process, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. Getting answers to your questions is key, throughout each step of your adoption planning.
At Lifetime, we encourage adopting parents to learn as much as possible, to prepare for a smooth and safe adoption process, for all involved. During this live webinar we covered some of the basics, like home studies, age requirements, and types of adoption, as well as other topics such as what birth mothers are looking for when they call Lifetime, how Lifetime supports the individuals we serve, attorney referrals, and more.
It was a fast-paced webinar with lots of great questions from our audience of hopeful adoptive parents!
If you’re just starting to consider adoption or research a path for your family’s future through adoption, this webinar is a great starting point. When you’re ready, take a moment to complete our free adoptive parent application to help us learn more about you and your adoption goals. Or contact us for one-on-one answers to your personal adoption questions!

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