Questions and answers webinar about open adoption for hopeful adoptive parentsWhen it comes to open adoption, it’s very common for both adopting parents and prospective birth mothers to have lots of questions about what it would be like, how to know if they can trust each other, and what to expect with adoptions today.
If you’re hoping to adopt a baby born within the US, then it’s vital that you learn about open adoption and the benefits for all involved. There are many outdated stories and myths about modern adoption and what openness is like between a child’s adoptive family and birth parents.
Get the answers you need from two of Lifetime’s coordinators who have worked extensively with birth mothers AND hopeful adoptive parents through their matches. In this webinar we even discussed some of the hard-to-ask questions that adoptive parents have about growing their family through an open adoption, including the most-asked “will I still feel like mom and dad with an open adoption?”

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