Wednesday, August 21 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time/6:00 pm Eastern Time
Open Adoption Q&A webinarThe topic of open adoption sparks a lot of questions. As future adoptive parents, it’s important to understand what open adoption is like TODAY, before you decide if it’s right for your family, and to help you prepare for a positive experience, for all involved.
At Lifetime, open adoption is common, though it doesn’t look the same for every single adoption story. Adoptions today are as unique as the individuals engaged in them!
Join us for a webinar that will answer your questions about what to expect with open adoption.
And, just in case you’re not sure if you SHOULD ask the questions that keep your mind going at night, we’ll start this webinar off with a few of the “sticky questions” that we know adoptive parents WANT to ask. It’s important to get the answers you need as you move closer to the adoption of your dreams.
Sign up here, and plan to attend live on Wednesday, August 21 at:
3:00 pm Pacific Time
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5:00 Central Time
6:00 Eastern Time

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