learn the value of flexibility in this storyMost adoptive parents have an idea of what they think their adoption will or “should” look like. That preconceived idea is often changed as an adoption match unfolds and both sides get to know each other, and the circumstances, better.

In Kerri’s story, you’ll hear why she and her husband hoped for an open adoption and how open adoption looks for her family, and her son’s birth mother, since his adoption took place. You’ll also learn the value of flexibility and staying ‘in the moment’ through each step of adoption.

Speaking from a heart of compassion and honesty, Kerri shared insights and tips for anyone hoping to adopt. Whether you are just starting to think about adoption or you’re actively waiting for your baby, this is a sweet testimony of faith, following the right steps, and answering a call to adopt in good faith that it WILL happen.

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