Two Sides of an Adoption Story

Ashley and Gina share the two sides of their storyAre you curious what open adoption could be like through the years after the adoption takes place? Have you thought about what it would be like to keep in touch with the family you chose for your baby or with your child’s birth parents?

Tune in for Ashley and Gina’s adoption story, as they share the relationship they’ve built over the last 9 years through the adoption of one little boy. Sharing both perspectives, as birth mother and adoptive mother, Ashley and Gina look forward to meeting with us to discuss the many aspects of their own open adoption experience.women share two sides of story

We know that you’ll be encouraged, inspired, and better prepared and informed from their insights and experience.

Plus, you’ll FIND OUT the ONE THING they feel is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to know BEFORE you adopt.

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