Webinar covers search criteria and moreWith an audience of hopeful adoptive parents in ALL stages of adoption planning, our recent Adoption Q&A was full of questions you may never have thought to ask.

We discussed topics from how Lifetime families are presented to prospective birth mothers, what happens if two birth moms choose you at the same time, twin and sibling group adoption scenarios, the importance of being honest about your search criteria, how to know what preferences you’re open to searching for, and more.

This webinar replay will not only inform you, but you’ll be inspired from the advice and encouragement Lifetime’s staff provided, as well as a surprise testimony of encouragement from an adoptive parent in the audience.

We’d love to answer any questions on your mind personally if you contact us today. Or take the first step and help us learn more about you and your adoption hopes by applying online.

To hear this Q&A Webinar, simply turn up your speakers and press play:

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