basic questions for hopeful adoptive parentsResearching adoption comes with basic questions, like how the process works and what’s required to get started, and it also comes along with hard-to-ask topics and discussions necessary to help hopeful adoptive parents seek out the child they long to add to their family.

In this Q&A webinar, our audience of future adoptive parents asked some of the tough questions about transracial adoption, how to decide what preferences or search criteria one is open to, trends in adoption with how birth mothers are seeking adoptive parents or the types of open adoption women are looking for through adoption.

We also covered some of the necessities, such as home study basics and how birth mothers find adoptive parents, and what contact can look like through a healthy open adoption relationship between a child’s birth and adoptive parents.

If you’re ready to build your family through adoption take the first step and complete our free application online or contact us with any questions. We’re also available via phone at 1-800-923-6784.

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