webinars questions and answers helping othersWe love the way Adoption Q&A Webinars bring people together to get direction for their own adoption goals, at the same time helping fellow adoptive parents learn about topics they haven’t thought to ask yet.

In this recent Q&A we answered questions about timing and adoption, how to avoid procrastination in adoption, staying positive and focused through the adoption process and waiting, home study expectations, baby’s medical history, and what to expect with open adoption.

Additionally, we shared encouraging perspectives and tips from other adoptive parents in the audience. If you’ve felt called to adopt, take time to explore you questions and learn as much as possible. With each resource and tip you learn you’ll get closer to the child you long to add to your family through adoption.

If you’re ready to build your family through adoption take the first step and complete our free application online or contact us with any questions. We’re also available via phone at 1-800-923-6784.

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